Why Doing Internships During College Breaks Is The Best Thing

Why Doing Internships During College Breaks Is The Best Thing


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Many people see college breaks as a perfect time to party, sleep in late and catch up on numerous TV series. However, while all these are great ways to spend your vacation, the best thing to do during this time given to you is to take up an internship.

Doing internships during college breaks can be a really rewarding experience. In fact, internships, in general, can be really beneficial for your career health. However, it is not always possible to juggle between full-time college and internships. So, opting for useful internships during college breaks might be the best idea for you.

It can help you….


Figure out your career path

Even when you are in college, you may or may not know what you want to do in a few years down the line. You might be pinning all your hopes on joining a particular company or sector without much idea about the functioning of it.

Internships during college breaks can help you figure out whether the plan you have for yourself is a feasible one or will work for you or not. It will also give you an idea of how your day-to-day activities might look like and how you can best prepare for it.


Guide you in the field of your choice

Internships can act as great career guides. If you want to change your career path, then internships are the best way to go about it. It is not necessary that the option you choose when you had just passed out of class 12th is the best career path for you.

As you get to know yourself more, you might realise that you want something different from your life. Internships during college can help you make that switch from one stream to another.

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Add to your resume

A great resume can really help you get ahead in your career. And, the more relevant experience you have on your resume, the better received it will be by recruiters everywhere.

Internships are the key to building a strong resume. And, while all those internships would tell the recruiter that you have acquired skills and knowledge about the industry, it will also tell them that you are eager to learn and serious about your career.

A student who is spending his college breaks accumulating experiences will obviously be seen as a passionate, zealous individual, determined to succeed. And, these are the qualities that all recruiters seek in the candidate. It will also help you learn how to work effectively in a team and understand the industry requirements.

Your internships can also allow the recruiters to stress less on your marks and more on your experience and achievements.


Help you build a network

Internships during college breaks can help you really expand your network, especially if you had a good run there. During the internship period, you might people of the same age group, individuals who will guide you and people who will inspire you. These are the people who will help you stay connected with the job market in the long run.

You can turn to these people for career advice in the future or use them as your reference to get better job opportunities.

Also, internships can actually help you find a professional mentor. However, the catch is that you should prove yourself during the internship period and let them have confidence in you and your abilities.


Get you a full-time job opportunity

Your internships during college breaks can turn into a full-time job opportunity if you play your cards right. Of course, the thing to keep in mind is that it is not necessary that every internship opportunity will turn into a job offer.

However, if you are eager to learn and not afraid to ask questions and seek out a mentor, then the hiring managers will see your effort. Combine it with some smart and hard work, and you might pocket the job offer.

These internship opportunities are a time for you to impress the recruiter and for that, you should be ready to work beyond what is expected of you. Don’t leave the work assigned to you for the 12th hour. Instead, try to complete the task as soon as you can and ask your manager for feedback on it.

Furthermore, if your work is great, then you can ask them to give you some extra work. The idea is, that they should see you as someone who is easing the workload of the team.

Also, try to get to know your colleagues better and have a nice, friendly relation with them. So, when the time comes, they can also throw in a word or two in your favour.

Internships during college breaks can be a great opportunity for you to lay the foundation for the future. So, work smart, build your network, have a killer resume and don’t let the vacations go to waste.