‘Why I chose a Virtual Internship’, shares PopXO Intern

‘Why I chose a Virtual Internship’, shares PopXO Intern

Explore the perks and pitfalls of a virtual internship at PoPXO, through Meghna Menon's eyes.


Explore the perks and pitfalls of a virtual internship at PoPXO, through Meghna Menon's eyes.
Explore the perks and pitfalls of a virtual internship at PoPXO, through Meghna Menon’s eyes.

Meghna shares her experience of a virtual internship with PopXo as a Campus Ambassador and why internships should be made compulsory!

Q. Why did you decide to do an internship although it wasn’t compulsory in your academic curriculum?

I am studying B.A. Psychology and now am in the Final Year. I felt an internship helps with getting a better exposure to how things work in real life. In fact after my experience with this internship I feel Internships should be compulsory in an academic Curriculum.

Q. Why did you choose a virtual internship over an in-office internship?

A virtual Internship is a lot more flexible compared to an office Internship. Personally, as a dance teacher and also a Member of a dance academy, time can be a problem so going to an office everyday didn’t seem like something I could commit to.

Especially since I only wanted to get an experience of social media marketing which is a completely different role to what I am studying for my degree. But a virtual Internship provided me the opportunity to learn as well as the flexibility with my work hours.

Q. What are the things that you do as a part of the PopXo internship?

I manage the YouTube channel for my dance academy and was keen on exploring how social media works commercially. Hence, I was looking for a social media internship. PopXo came in with the perfect opportunity with the PopXo Campus Ambassador internship.

The internship involved a lot of Social Media Marketing, especially with Instagram and Facebook channels. We interns had to complete various creative tasks in a particular time which would promote the social media channels of PopXo and generate interest amongst the target audience. It also involved handling large groups of members and planning events and Fests organised by Popxo.

Q. What are your takeaways from the internship?

I now realize generating online traffic is not easy, the content needs to be compelling and creative to draw people to your media channel. It helped me improve my decision-making skills, creative writing and imagination Skills and research for a few tasks also made me a better-informed person. The on-ground activities taught me to handle large groups of people and finish work within deadlines.

Q. Has it helped you decide your future career plans?

Yes it has it has helped me decide what I like to do better and that is Marketing and handling Public relations within organizations and it was easier to decide due to the various tasks provided by PopXo.

Q. How has it helped you in your job search?

Having a little extra knowledge or work experience even if it’s a 4-month internship is always better than no experience at all. It has made a difference to my resume and set me apart from my classmates.

Q. Any moments from the internship you want to share?

There was a period when I had a winning streak, I had won 3 Contests continuously and my work had been appreciated by the manager leading the intern team. In fact, I got a pair of boots that I designed for one of their design contests.

Q. Any challenges you faced during the internship, in terms of time or discipline?

Since it’s a virtual Internship communication can be a problem, passing the right information to the right person or the time gap can be an issue. Otherwise, it has been a fun experience throughout!

Meghna Menon is a B.A. Psychology, Final Year student at Villa Marie College in Hyderabad.




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