Why Internships are important? | 3 thingsyou need to know!

Why Internships are important? | 3 thingsyou need to know!


students-walkingInternships are equally popular among companies who are interested in recruitment of talented personnel and students who are eager to gain invaluable experience at a large multinational company. Internship at a top company is definitely a significant advantage to be included a resume.

Even if a student does not return to the same company among graduation, months of professional engagement will not become a waste of time for sure. Students who undertake an internship not only increase their chances to get the desired jobs upon graduations, they also become head and shoulders above other graduates who choose to spend their summer relaxing and having fun. Obviously, employers would prioritize hiring experienced graduates, and there is no reason to explain this point.

A graduate should be motivated to gain the vital experience and professional education in the relevant professional environment. Such experience multiplies chances for success in years to come. Moreover, if you have an intention to continue your education, the experience you willearn while undertaking an internshipmay also serve as a starting point to get dissertation writing help paper. In other words, first-hand experience will expose you to expert in your field of study who may be interested in helping you with your dissertation.

Internships in India:
In India, one of the most highly demanded majors is engineering. Students majoring in engineering have a very high chance to apply for internships at numerous local, national, and international corporations operating throughout the country. One of the reasons for engineering students to seek for internships starting with the first years of their education is an opportunity to extend professional network, which in turn will prepare an aspiring engineer for collaboration, teamwork, and professional engagement upon graduation.

Intel India Internship Program:
Intel India offers internship programs throughout the entire year, not only during the summer months. With rather strict requirements, Intel India exposes interns to real-life problems that require progressive solutions. Working environment is vibrant and challenging, although interns are treated equally with other professionals and full-time employers. What is even more appealing for interns is that Intel India offers a competitive stipend, which is not always provided at other companies. For what it’s worth, the question of money is important as graduates also have to live for something. In such a way, internship program at Intel India may become the first real experience in engineering field.

Intangible Benefits:
Yet, monetary compensation is not the key motivational factor for students to pursue internship programs at reputable companies. For the vast majority of students, internship implies access to personal and professional development courses and trainings that are not provided by universities.

In simple words, interns are given a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge gained at university and practical experience obtained at a real company.

Therefore, students, no matter graduates or freshmen, should not neglect internship programs or approach them a waste of time. Even if internship does not promise high income, gaining practical experience is an invaluable benefit you may have no other chance to capitalize on.




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