Why Should Employers Have A Great Profile Page?

Why Should Employers Have A Great Profile Page?

Are you not finding suitable interns? Your internship posts could be the culprit! Read how a company profile page attracts savvy, skilled interns.


Welcome, Employers! Letsintern is excited to work with you. We are here to help you find your best intern(s) for all internship posts. We recommend that you stay put with us for a while as we will offer these Employer Tips so that you make the right choices and take the correct path to find your super interns!

Employer Tips: Fix Your Profile Page

It is all about how it looks. Your profile page should be a straight give away. For the internship posts to be lucrative enough, profile pages matter the most. After all, it is all about what is being proposed to the interns and how. Let’s understand the phenomenon of Employer Branding.

Interns are a resource that ought to be utilised judiciously. These fresh talents want everything professional. They want the internships to be a good investment in their professional experience, learning and career. Not only that, super interns are the ones who yearn for their personal development which also resonates with the company’s goals. And we will tell you how a profile page and it’s branding can help you acquire these super interns.

The Platinum Rule of Public Display of Information

The rule is simply golden! Tailor your profile page with all the necessary information and that’s it. However, before we explore a few reasons as to why there should be a great profile page for the internship posts, let us, in brief, know what is a great profile.

Employers, your profile page should display all the necessary information as it gives credibility to your brand. REMEMBER to detail everything out from the perspective of interns; prioritising what would they like to know. Your page must contain the following:

About the company: This is the most vital part of your internship post. The information you provide here will get you all the credibility that a brand should have. Throw in a few exciting ideas here and there about perks, benefits and development opportunities. Give a brief detailed introduction to the functioning of your company. Include your logo and a brief narrative of who you are, what you do as a company and what the company stands for. Make sure you chart out all these details. Please don’t leave one-liners in this section. Let the description talk for itself.

About the location and contact information: The interns will surely want to know about the location. It is likely that the students will be interested to contact the company, therefore, you must share your updated contact information.

The company’s website link:  Your website link is vital as it lets the candidates know more about your company. Candidates are likely to check for more details on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn. Make sure you mention about your official website or the Facebook page.

The company’s logo: Adding a logo works the same way; adding more value and effectiveness to the internship.

4 Reasons Why Your Profile Page Should Be A-Ok

Now that we know what should be done, let’s straight away get to the why(s) of doing this:

  • It gives credibility to your profile page and the brand itself.
  • It convinces the candidates about the internship(s)
  • Helps you build your brand name
  • You get to promote your brand, showcase your services, achievements and expectations.

Also, kindly do not simply copy your ‘About Us’ from your official website and paste it here on the profile page. The right interns will want to dig in and get to know what they are getting into. As mentioned previously, display the information from an intern’s point of view.

So, should you have a profile page? Yes, for you to avail the maximum benefits and to get the savviest interns, you should. Your interns are millennials; the digital generation and they sift through internship posts while evaluating offers. The idea here is to make sure your profile page stands out and wins you some great interns.

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