“Why Should We Hire You For This Internship?” – Interview Questions And...

“Why Should We Hire You For This Internship?” – Interview Questions And Answers


internship interview questions and answers

A good internship can be a boon for your career. It can recommend you to better job opportunities in the future, help you network, and teach a lot of valuable lessons regarding your job and office culture. However, to get an internship that will help you learn and grow, you need to be prepared with a lot of internship interview questions and answers.

Most companies conduct an internship interview before hiring the candidate. Some of them might also conduct a technical round to get a better understanding of where you stand.

However, while there are numerous internship interview questions that an interviewer can pick from, today we will focus on the most common and widely asked of them all –

‘why should we hire you for this internship?’


Understanding the intent behind the question

The question might seem pretty straightforward, right?

Of all the internship interview questions that you might have searched for, this might seem pretty easy. However, before you dismiss it, try to understand what the interviewer is actually looking for through this question.

Any time a recruiter hires someone, they are also putting their neck on the line. What if the candidate leaves without serving the internship period or doesn’t perform well or proves to be a challenging employee to work with!? The negative qualities of the new hire can put the recruiter in a fix.

Though similarly, if the new hire turns out to be brilliant at the job and easy to work with, then the recruiter might receive a pat on the back and a good bonus for it.

So, by asking ‘why should we hire you for the internship’, the recruiter is trying to gauge your personality and how passionate you are about the job.

The recruiter wants to see whether you are flexible enough or not, would you prove to be a challenge or would you be a fast learner.


How to answer the interview question

Take your time

You might have read a lot of similar internship interview questions and answers and are confident about your skills. But try not to jump the gun. Take your time, and think what the person sitting in front of you might want to hear. Would they appreciate a cheeky answer or an honest, sincere, answer would do the trick?

Choose your answer accordingly.

Use the company’s job description

Every company puts across a job description when they are seeking new interns. Go through this job description carefully and thoroughly to have a better understanding of their requirements.

Once you know what the company is looking for in its intern, you can form your answers accordingly. Use it to prove to the employer how you are the right fit for the internship and possess the necessary skills.

Talk about the things that make you unique

Using terms like, ‘hardworking’ and ‘quick learner’ is well and good. But these are the keywords that most candidates who have been scrounging the internet for common interview questions and answers would go for.

If you want to stand out, then you need to personalize your answer and talk about the qualities that make you unique.

Talk about your strengths and working style. Of course, throw the common, loved phrases in between but don’t make your answer just about them.

Say what you have to offer

An internship is a give-and-take opportunity. You will get the chance to learn under an experienced team, grow in a workplace, and hopefully get a good stipend. However, you also need to give the company something in return.

That something can be your quick wit, your previous experience of doing a job thoroughly, or your ability to locate problems and find their solution/s.

So, talk about what you bring to the table and what makes you perfect for this internship opportunity.




When you have an upcoming internship interview, you might want to search the internet for common internship interview questions and answers, and prepare for them well in advance. And, while that is a great practice, the real key to succeeding in any interview is confidence.

So, be smart and confident and impress the interviewer!