Why Taking A College Internship Seriously Is Important

Why Taking A College Internship Seriously Is Important


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A college internship is a mixed bag of emotions for students. Many colleges make internships compulsory but do not give support hence making it fall on the student to get fruitful internships. On the other hand, internships take away precious time from your holidays leaving no time for having fun! In the past decades doing a college internship was a bonus, something that would offer students practical experience.

However, it’s 2019, and a college internship is no longer optional! Even with a college internship, people find it hard to make headway into careers.

Here is why you should start taking internships seriously and give them your best –


Competition is at peak

Any fresher job opening gets hundreds of applications, and almost all job candidates have the same graduate degree and marks. Unless you are a topper, your CV will not look any different than other students. This is why you need to stand out and give the recruiter a reason to hire you! An impressive college internship experience will get you to the interview stage and even help you ace the interview with your knowledge.


Ease into the professional environment

The biggest criticism corporate have of freshers in India is the fact that they are not professionally equipped with skills. These skills cannot be taught through textbooks, and you will need practical experience to get there. The best way to understand a professional work environment and gain skills is to get a college internship.


Narrowing of career options

You won’t get too many chances in your career to shift your choices. And the pace of career development doesn’t allow you to make too many mistakes or start over again. A college internship in a profile you think you like will help you assess if you like working in it.

If you don’t, then you will still have time to analyze what you enjoy doing and what you are good at and start working on making a career without wasting time.


Increase skills set

One of the most important internship tips we offer students is to do a lot of work during their college internship, and if they are not being assigned work, then ask for it!

It is only by doing practical work that you will understand the corporate jargon, know the relevant technology that is being used, and gain perspective about how professionals work. All this learning becomes a talking point during personal interviews and will help you convince future recruiters of your worth.


Showcases intention and mindfulness

Most college students sleepwalk through their college years, they attend classes, write exams and just be done with it! It’s the students who are savvy and interested in building a career who think about a college internship and how to improve skills.

These are the kind of freshers employers are looking for!

A college internship shows that you are willing to focus on your career more than playing mobile games (stop playing so much PUBG!)


Opens up job opportunities

Almost all the internship tips, our experts give for students, focus on ensuring the college internship is converted to a job. Many companies offer full-time roles to their college interns because they can assess how the intern will work and what are the skills they bring on board.

It is hands down the easiest way to get a job. You don’t have to bother with resume making or the tension of attending future personal interviews.


References to be gained

One of the channels of finding a job comes through networking. As a college student, you may not develop a professional network more than your teachers and alumni. This is where the importance of internship comes in, at your internship workplace you can build relationships with your team members, seniors, and even vendors and partners. You can get valuable references and testimonials that will help you in your job search and help you land a job.



Take the college internship seriously and work as hard as you can to reap its benefits. You can get more such internship tips on our blog here, and if you are looking for exciting internships then head to our job portal here.