Why you should opt for content writing internships?

Why you should opt for content writing internships?

We now work on the reasons why you should consider content writing internships between semesters, after college hours or as a summer internship.


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Still confused over whether a content writing internships works for you? Well, we had raised the issue in Part I of this three-part-special story on content writing Internships – specifically what it means to be a content writer, what does a content writer do and what basic qualities should a person possess for this stream.

Going a step further, we now work on the reasons why you should consider one between semesters, after college hours or as a summer internship:

No major training required

Ready to begin, from the first day. (Courtesy: HBO)
Ready to begin, from the first day. (Courtesy: HBO)

Contrary to most internships available these days, a content writing internship can begin straightaway, based on your grasp of English and ability to put a thought down as creatively, or as effectively, as possible.

Marketing internships, sales internships, media jobs, admin, MBA, engineering and HR internships – all require basic orientation towards the organisation, an understanding of the tasks in hand and ideas to take things ahead. Here, the orientation is more towards understanding the audience’s / company’s needs, working with their CMS and running through the company’s take on things.

Learn on the job

email etiquette

A content writing internship offers a larger scale of learning on-the-job, be it softwares (analytical tools, reporting tools, social media suites, CMS) to design (basic templates, GIF creation, interlinking) to writing for the online audience (based on keywords, hyperlinks and SEO).

You also learn about the organisation in particular, the market space and how to write for the market.

Work with multiple teams, stakeholders


Normally, companies hire content writers to address multiple needs – corporate, marketing, sales, ORM among others. So, a person who steps in through a content writing internship is automatically working with multiple departments and different scales.

You could answer and send social media queries to the concerned departments. Then handle a meeting with the top management on the recent blogs. And work simultaneously on press releases, product and page descriptions, newsletters and creative. And even pen an in-house policy for HR.

Gain work experience


Content writing internships are unique as they help you add supportive materials for your CV / Writer Profile just through your daily work. So, each write-up you work on can be attached alongside your CV.

At the end, the brief builds up and you can showcase them anywhere.

Judge whether it works for you

Things to do before exams

Largely, an internship is an opportunity to decide whether an opportunity works for you or not. You can gain an insight into the field, what does it demand and whether it is something you wish to do or not.

Convert your internship into a job


And then, there is the major step – getting a dream job. Once you’ve decided that content writing is the perfect stream for you, then it’s all about showing consistent effort and progress and sticking with the brief. In most cases, content writing internships convert into jobs. And even if that does not happen in your case, you stand to gain excellent references for your career ahead.

Have we convinced you yet? Then take the next step and apply to some of the choicest content writing internships available with us.




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