Become a Campus Ambassador for Wikipedia | Pay back time for all...

Become a Campus Ambassador for Wikipedia | Pay back time for all the assignments you’ve copied from them!


Wikipedia Ambassadors are volunteers who work with educators and student editors in the Wikipedia Education Program. As an Ambassador, you advise educators while they design their assignments, answer editing questions from students, and monitor student contributions to offer feedback relevant to Wikipedia norms and guidelines.

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Campus Ambassadors are students, staff, faculty, and local residents who provide face-to-face Wikipedia training and support on university campuses. Their role is to:

  • support any professors in the area who have incorporated (or are interested in incorporating) a Wikipedia assignment into their classroom
  • help professors develop an assignment that is appropriate both for their students’ learning objectives and Wikipedia
  • give in-class presentations that introduce student editors to Wikipedia norms and editing basics
  • offer support and constructive advice during the assignment via email, on-wiki, in class, labs, and in other appropriate campus venues
  • work with other Wikipedia Ambassadors to make sure professors and student editors have all relevant information and that program leaders can evaluate each class





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