Win 5 Lakhs In Rural Energy Challenge 2017, IIT Madras

Win 5 Lakhs In Rural Energy Challenge 2017, IIT Madras

Participate and win a cash prize of Rs. 5 Lakhs in the Rural Energy Challenge 2017, IIT Madras.


Rural Energy Challenge 2017
Rural Energy Challenge 2017 (sustainablegreenville)

Save the dates! You are about to win Rs. 5 lakhs! Shaastra, the tech fest organised in IIT Madras, enthusiastically presents to all the aspiring participants the Rural Energy Challenge 2017. All you have to do is, gather a team and devise energy solutions for the rural areas. Here are the details of Rural Energy Challenge 2017.

Rural Energy Challenge 2017 by IIT M

The Summit: The Rural Energy Challenge 2017 intends to motivate students to identify avenues that have a potential for Green Energy solutions and then devise their offering.

Highlights: This will be done with a four-month long competition where teams will have to suggest and implement an innovation in the creation or use of green energy in villages, and develop a business model for the same with the help of mentors and experts in the field as well as primary and secondary research. A key aspect of the Rural Energy Challenge 2017 will be the village visits. The teams will be asked to identify a nearby village and make at least 3 trips during the at different stages during the semester in order to directly identify problems and possible solutions.

The participants will then be required to come to IIT Madras in December during Shaastra for the final stage of the competition. Here, they will be joined by other Summit participants in a competition lasting four days which is centered around the production, consumption, distribution and implementation aspects of Green Energy.

Duration: 10th September 2017 – 3rd January 2018

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Apply By: 10 September 2017

This challenge is not a mere challenge to win a cash prize. Shaastra offers a summit each year, taking up issues like healthcare, education, culture etc. This year it is the Rural Energy Challenge 2017.

Why Should You Participate?

  • Engage with matchless minds across India as well as renowned experts in the field of Green Energy, and work together to change the world for the better.
  • Understand what goes into creating true impact and building a better environment.
  • Contribute to the green energy revolution gripping the country. Be empowered to step out and make a difference.

Are you motivated much to participate and make a change? Click here to register yourself.

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