Event | Robo Mania, Rs 40,000 in prizes at TerraTechnica 2017, NIT...

Event | Robo Mania, Rs 40,000 in prizes at TerraTechnica 2017, NIT Delhi

National Institute of Technology, Delhi presents it's annual Tech- fest, TerraTechnica-2017. Let's peruse what all we have to look forward to.


Set your techie soul on fire at NIT Delhi (Source: Facebook)

TerraTechnica 2017: The Latin word “Terra” implies land. NIT Delhi welcomes you to their land of technology! They profess “Technology is best when it brings people together.” Their 2nd Edition Annual Technical Fest; TerraTechnica is all set to throw your techie self on the ninth cloud!

Let’s check what TerraTechnica-2017 has invented and is presenting to us.

Dates: 23 March 2017- 24 March 2017

Location: National Institute of Technology, Delhi

Website: Check out their supercalifragilisticexpialidocious website here.


Code your way to cash prizes at TerraTechnica 2017. (Source: Firstpost)

If you are the kind who likes to encounter problems and come triumphantly after solving them, code for your life!

Check out these links for further information on the various Coding events:


Fight each other with your AI and win prizes! (Source: wallpaperscraft)

Do you feel that robots will one day conquer human race? Well, who knows! Live your fantasy of the times when you pretended to be RoboCop or Wall-E! With the Robotics events in TerraTechnica-2017, fight your robots!

Online events

Play online and win! (Source: Dpagan)

If you desiderate the digital life and believe we are all much better online, get going with these online events where you can participate in a virtual stock market, gaming or even vaunt your speedy typing skills! Hail keypads!

Other events to look forward to

With the fantastic platform that TerraTechnica-2017 is offering, you can showcase your prototypes in the expo they are conducting this year. Or you could voice your thoughts by participating in the Youth Parliament, if you have a hanker to be heard! Or you could just take up problem-solving and get yourself awarded with prizes worth INR 30,000 when you vanquish the bewildering quizzes!

Manifest your technological and digital desires with TerraTechnica 2017 this time! Let us know your opinions digitally in the comments!