Wish A Happy Teachers’ Day To Every Teacher You Had

Wish A Happy Teachers’ Day To Every Teacher You Had

Who said teachers are only in classrooms with a chalk? Everything, everyone in this world, teaches you something. Kudos to everything on this Teachers' Day!


Teacher's Day
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Gratitude is the best attitude, they say! I have no idea what spins this world other than gravity. Being thankful is the focal point around which my world revolves, mostly. I am thankful for the way my life has been unfolding till now. I will always be grateful for everything that taught me gratitude. As it’s the special eve of Teachers’ Day, this post is dedicated to all the teachers you have in your life. This Teachers’ Day, pay a tribute to all the things, situations and of course, humans who taught you so much in life.

Your Kinder Garten Teacher

Shout out to the one who taught you the basics of life, other than your mother. And yes, we ought to start with your first teacher on this Teachers’ Day. Embrace that beautiful nostalgia as you reminisce how much you have grown up (literally!).

Your First Bike Ride

Your first bike ride taught you how to be fearless. Although the training wheels always saved you from every fall and bump. You learnt how to take risks, for the things you love.

Your College

Your College is your new school of learning; only the better version of it! You learn how to live on your own, away from your family. You learn how to manage time, money and your schedules as you step into the life of adulting. Little do you realise that when you come out of this bitter-sweet experience, you are a learned person. Cheers to this awesome phase of your life and of course, your course teachers. 🙂

Your Friends

Each and every friend teaches you something in your life. You learn from them how to find a family out of your home. You learn how to share your food, clothes, notes, and a major part of your life and yourselves. You also learn how to find peace in solitude. Kudos to these friends.

Every Day Of The Week

We all learn everything every day, even if it is as insignificant as learning how to block ads on your browser! You learn so much every day. All these days count so much and you should be grateful for living each of these.

In all, time is the best teacher anyone can have. The most cherished and useful experiences come from things that you spend time on. And mind this, experiences teach you a lot. So, try to grab all that can teach you a thing or two!

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