#WomenInBusiness | 5 Women Entrepreneurs slaying the startup scene in India!

#WomenInBusiness | 5 Women Entrepreneurs slaying the startup scene in India!


800x480_IMAGE489753961. Shiv Dhanya: The Knottt came along in 2013 and has been the talk of the town. The are the new comers to the “wedding planning” industry and are based in Chennai.

“I love creating something that everyone can enjoy. As an artist, this is important to me,” said Dhanya when asked what she loves most about the job. She has always been inclined towards creative activities and has also been planning events for her family and friends long before starting “The Knottt”.

She started this company along with Gautham Reddy and aimed to make wedding planning not only hassle free but also a lot of fun!

When asked about the amount these two co-founders charge for one event, Gautam said “What we cost our clients are pocket friendly and it mainly depends on the clients request. Some come to us with a budget and others with an idea of what they want the set up to look like regardless of a budget.”

Anoushka-Adya2. Anoushka Adya: Founder of Lajja, Anoushka has taken up a social issue that many are deeply concerned about. Lajja , which in Bengali mean Shame, is an online where women can share their stories of molestation, rape and harassment.

The aim behind this startup was to create awareness about violence agains women, to give them a platform express themselves and finally to help such women heal from such horrid instances.

Anoushka stated, “We are very ambitious about Lajja and we are relentlessly working towards making it an active platform for awareness around feminist issues in India. We are going to do our bit by disseminating our perspective across the web and hopefully help change a few mindsets. At some point, eventually, we want to tie up with volunteers in medical and healthcare to help and counsel those who need it. This is what keeps us going, really – the fact that we can use the digital platform to not just do quality advertising but contribute to dialogue around important subjects.”

maxresdefault (1)3. Zeba Zaidi: As a sports enthusiast and an Arsenal fan, came up with one of the most interesting startups in the recent years. The idea behind Volano was to combine active sports and entertainment thus creating properties that provide unique opportunities to engage in participative sports and at the same time create memorable experiences for customers.

Zaire has graduated from Lady Shri Ram College and later relocated to London and lived there for over a decade before returning to India. Until then she had no plans of becoming an entrepreneur. However fate had different plans and Volano was founded in 2011 and there were absolutely no players in this category and that is what was most exciting for Zeba.

DSC_00514. Tanaaz Bhatia: Bottomline Media, founded by Tanaaz Bhatia, is a bespoke entertainment company and has strategically ventured into the Entertainment Industry. The company exhibits a unique business model that encompasses various verticals across platforms. The company covers all facets of the entertainment world and strives to deliver fully integrated range of services to create value for its investments and partners through constant innovation.

Prior to this, Bhatia worked with Kotak Mahindra and then at Citi Bank, but starting her own venture had been something she dreamed of all along. Eventually Bottomline Media took birth as an idea over a cup of coffee at Gloria Jeans.

spotlight45. Puja Bansal: Myheera.com was founded on 7th July 2015 by Puja Bansal, who has always been keen on starting up her own venture.

When asked about her journey, Bansal stated “I come from a family that’s being in the jewellery business for over 60 years. We are into manufacturing of precious stone jewellery for the European and American market. I belong to the third generation. and have 17 years of experience. In the business, sourcing was always a challenge and had to be routed only through few offline exhibitions. This led me to launch my venture in 2014. With a strong knowledge in the industry and with the strong support of the promoters backgrounds, the project was taken aggressively.”




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