Working from home? Rule over your virtual internship!

Working from home? Rule over your virtual internship!

Got a virtual internship this winter? Here's how you make the best out of it!


Work from Home tips

We’re living in the era, where children are expected to be born with the technology chromosome already.
For most of us, one day of no Internet creates a void in our lives. As college students, internet can actually serve as more than just a medium to social network. That’s where Virtual internships come in.

In addition to work experience, they give you the liberty to chose your place of work, teaches you vital time management skills and gives you opportunity to work independently. Here are 6 quick tips to successfully make the most of the virtual internship:

Get your ‘I am my own boss’ act together

Work from home tips

Don’t stretch the freedom of working in your pajamas too far. Since, you are working from home, you are surrounded by more distractions that you notice now. It is easy to procrastinate and even easier to spend an evening chatting with your friends.

Even though you don’t have to go to the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., don’t take your internship and the work that comes under it, lightly. Set aside a specific time for your work.  Plan a schedule to ensure that you complete the given task on the deadline or before it. Fixing a schedule will not only organise your day, but will also assist in segregating priorities.
If you’re not the one to be governed by time-tables and task-lists (You’re a little rebel, aren’t you?), then at least decide on the amount of time you will devote to your internship per day.

Find your ‘Sheldon Spot’

Work from home tips
Bed – A strict NO-NO

To foster the quality of your work, it is highly advisable to set aside a certain space for your work. It could be your dining room table, your study desk or your backyard. (Beds are strictly NOT advisable!) This way you can get an organised space for all your notes, calendars and work papers.
If this doesn’t work out you can go to a local coffee shop or somewhere where your mind can be at peace. For college going students, turning to the library for once might not be as bad as it sounds.

Stay on the radar

Work from home tips

Since you are enjoying being able to do things the way you want, this is one thing you are bound to miss out on. There is no one to supervise your work except you. Your boss/manager, cannot walk over to your desk and keep a check on how many times you are sneaking off to the realms of Facebook, instead of working on what you are supposed to, therefore, it is essential that you keep him/her updated about your work so that he/she gets to know that you’re actually up-to something productive.

Keep in touch via mail, Skype or a regular text. This way you are not only making them aware about the nature of your work but, how good you’re at it. This will most likely fetch you appreciation for being meticulous, if nothing else and boost your confidence to perform better each day. Remember – Out of sight, Out of mind!

Curiosity kills the Cat. Not you.

Work from home tips

Make sure that you understand the work and the respective time-line associated with it, properly. Do not hesitate to ask any questions to your supervisor with respect to the tasks assigned to you. Asking away will be less of an embarrassment and hassle than submitting something that does not follow the guidelines. The last thing you want is to have your work  rejected after all the hard work and effort. Keep tabs on the changes taking place in the organization you are interning for and try to incorporate that into your work. Open the company site, their social media pages, and training documents. Make sure you familiarize yourself with any material the company gave you on day 1.

Deadlines are a way to an employer’s heart

Work from home tips

Stick to your deadlines. This has been said to death, but it never loses the importance, not only if you are involved in a virtual internship but even a full-time one. By making sure you submit your work on the given day, helps you in developing a certain degree of trust and faith with your employer. It will also help  them understand that you take your job seriously and  gain an insight into the level of your sincerity and dedication.

Prepare your weapons

Work from home tips

Know the tools that can make your life better as a virtual intern. Acquaint yourself with the different options that allow sharing your work easier. Google Drives is an easy option which lets you create, save, edit your documents online and share it with a large number of people at the same time. Dropbox offers you a large storage. Research more on such tools that can make your work organized and systematic.

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