You Get Paid Rs. 30,000 An Hour. Which Career Would You Still...

You Get Paid Rs. 30,000 An Hour. Which Career Would You Still Say No To?

Here we have a Rs. 30,000 question for your career! What do you think?


Career..? (Indianexpress)

Flabbergasted? So were we! Yes, we totally agree this is just not possible. However, allow us to give you a backdrop to this story! We scouted through Reddit and came across this question. So, let us hear what people from other nations have to say when they were questioned: You get paid 500$ an hour. Which career would you still turn down? 

We have a few amusing responses from Reddit users. Let’s see which one do you agree with the most!

The Smarty Pants

– “Nothing comes up, I would pay some degenerate 100$/hour to do it for me. Keep the 400$ myself”, says a user who is smart enough and crisp about how to get a task accomplished!”

Icky Situations

– “A surgeon or anything medical related, really. I can’t stand the sight of blood, guts, broken bones etc… PLUS, I don’t think anyone would want their surgeon to vomit or faint during surgery.”

The Acrophobic

– “Probably washing skyscraper windows. I’m deathly afraid of heights, and I honestly don’t think I would be able to do that.”

To this response, we had more responses where users who enjoy soaring high in the skies and aren’t afraid of heights said:

– “I would do this job for free!”

– “When I see them on the building across from mine I’m so jealous. I work a boring office job”, a user who seeks adventure amidst his desk job.”

The Practical Ones

– “I probably wouldn’t wrestle polar bears for that kind of money, no matter what currency it was in.”

– “Suicide bomber. Period.”

– “A career in a country where 500 of the local currency is worth nothing.”

Really? So, what do you guys think? Which job roles or profiles can make you sprint in the opposite direction even if you had loads of money flowing your way?

Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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