Your Priority When Planning Internships – Company Or Profile?

Your Priority When Planning Internships – Company Or Profile?


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Google, Facebook, and Apple – What do they all have in common? A big brand name that can make heads turn.

When it comes to planning internships, students always wish for finding a place at these biggies.  So to say, once your resume reads ‘IT Trainee’ at Apple you don’t have much explaining to do to the recruiters.

While it’s great to intern right with big firms, there are certain cons that accompany the glorious job.

With the advent of startup culture, students are now lurking towards making big money at blue-chip companies that provide fancy job titles.

There is a whole wave of dilemma around planning internships right by i.e. choose a big brand name or a lavish job profile.

Like most of us, if you also haven’t been able to decide what should take precedence – company or profile, we suggest you read further. The answer to this question is a definite maybe but you still need your reasons to make a career call.

All of us have dreamt of ourselves heading to work in a dapper suit, sipping coffee and making swift moves to enter the 100-storeyed building that we call the office.

So, the right way to head in this direction is to look for internship opportunities at the Fortune 500 companies.

All is well until you have another offer on the table from a fairly small company providing you a much important and reputed role in the company.

Today we will evaluate the pros and cons of planning internships at both such companies.

Big Brand/Company Name

  • Structure

When you intern right out of college, you barely know anything about corporate structures and hierarchies which are a quintessential part of big companies.

There is a typical way of doing things and you must fit into your position and role seamlessly. The stability, predictability, and planning can be great some but not all.

So, this may not be the best of internship opportunities for some but a big brand name sure adds value to your resume. However, bigger and complex structure would mean narrow job responsibilities and restricted growth for you.

  • Job switch

Change is the only constant thing in life but it can be blissful when you intern right with a big company. While your specific role may be specialized, it’s possible to change positions and explore a new area without leaving the company.

In other situations, you can switch from one office in India to another in Singapore without making ‘The Switch’.

On the other front, it becomes more difficult to make the real big switch because the perks, benefits and additional sources of happiness in a big office don’t match up with a smaller one.

  • Network

The internship opportunities at big companies bring a bigger professional network with itself. Connecting with the right people from different departments can help widen your horizon and establish your professional network. This network can help in planning internships for your future.

Job Profile

  • Fancy designations

Planning internships at mid/small-sized companies that employ only a dozen employees, you can be pretty shocking for those who come from Fortune 500 companies.

Moving from a big brand name to a small quaint office down the street with a broken coffee machine has its own pros and cons. First being the better job role and profile offered.

The internship opportunities at these companies provide you with a managerial role where you are exposed to all business operations.

Not just that, a better job profile and designation is offered to those that seem to intern right. You will automatically be more attracted towards ‘VP’ than ‘Account Executive’ at a firm, right?

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  • Responsibilities

A big job designation comes with an array of responsibilities that sometimes may or may not be your cup of tea.

So when you’re for planning internships at such organizations prove your mettle by taking all challenges head-on. Prove why you are suitable for the respected job profile you’ve earned.

All this sounds motivating on paper but it can take you down in real life. All your actions are under the lens when you have a fancy job profile.

  • Future

The ‘Manager/Senior Manager’ tags on your resume can interest any recruiter but not always. The internship opportunities that will come your way in the future are decided by your job profile.

The better your profile, the better chances you have of progressing rapidly towards bigger companies. The future is hopeful for those who intern right carrying their job profile with respect.


It is time to find your calling and pick up the best internship opportunities that come knocking at your door. Nothing really matters, not a big company name nor a fancy job profile but hard work and dedication. You can find thousands of verified internship opportunities listed on LetsIntern where you can choose from a big company name or better job profile.