Your Profile To Get You The Virtual Internship You Want

Your Profile To Get You The Virtual Internship You Want

A complete profile goes a long way in helping you find the right internship, whether it be summer or virtual internship and can get you noticed.


A complete profile can get you noticed five times faster.
A complete profile can get you noticed five times faster.

There is so much competition in the internship market to get noticed, find the right summer internship, find the right virtual internship and what not. You never know whether you will get shortlisted for an internship or not. However, we did a survey and something very interesting came up.

Complete your profile

It was noticed that people who completed their profile on internship portals like Letsintern or any other portal for that matter had a higher chance of getting an internship. With profile completion of 85% or above, your chances of getting shortlisted for the internship increases almost five times.

You know what that means? You will then have the chance of moving way ahead of the rest people eyeing the same job. And that is why Letsintern is asking you to come back to your profile and complete it.

More reasons for completing it

There have been a few changes in the Letsintern page, and as someone looking for summer internships or gearing up to start applying for virtual internships, it will be advisable for you to get familiar with the new changes. You will also get to fill in more information about yourself, your achievements, your works and everything that you feel you should say to the recruiter.

With the new and updated page, the interviewer will be able to Quick View your profile summary and make a more informed and better decision.

A change in the profile will give you more opportunity to showcase your best side to the recruiters and get shortlisted for the profile you want. With the new features and new updates, the gap between recruiters and candidates will bridge further. This will mean in a more fruitful Letsintern experience that will add stars to your resume.

To complete your profile, just go to the Letsintern home page, log in to your profile and start from there. You can then start looking for virtual internships or internships specific to your area. You can also read our Letsintern blog to know how to get necessary internship tips.