We manufacture / distribute Pumps and Pipes which are used in water supply and sewage distribution projects. Our product portfolio consists of: 1. Ductile Iron Pipe 2. DI Fittings and Valves. 3. HDPE pipe 4. Compression and Fabricated Fittings for HDPE pipe. 5. PVC Pipe - Well Casing and Screen Pipe, UPVC pipe & SWR pipe. 6. CI Sluice valve, Air Valve & Reflex Valve. 7. CI Detachable Joints. 8. ISI marked Submersible Pump sets 9. ISI Marked Submersible flat cable. 10. Submersible Winding Wire. 11. Hand Pump, Hand Pump spare parts, toolkits and fishing toolkits. 12. Domestic Pumps.

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