About us:

AsiaInspection is a quality control service provider in Asia, founded in Hong Kong on a unique concept: To provide clients with a cost-effective, rapid-response service, anywhere in Asia, anytime. Over a decade later, satisfied clients from more than 100 countries worldwide continue to drive AsiaInspection's growth as the market leader in quality control, managed online.

The Online Advantage

AsiaInspection has invested heavily in developing an industry-leading IT service infrastructure. This investment makes it easy for our clients to quickly and easily manage scheduling, access reports and engage account managers for inspections, audits and testing, all via the web.

It's a process designed for importers worldwide, large, medium or small. Within 48 hours of booking, an inspector is on the factory premises, anywhere in Asia, compiling a detailed report available online, the same day as the inspection.

Your Eyes in the Factory!TM

With over 600 university-educated and certified inspectors in factories all over Asia, dedicated to ensuring product quality and protecting client investments, AsiaInspection is "Your Eyes in the Factory"!


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