In the Age of Digitalization, isn’t it an unwise decision to be still carrying around piles of business cards or manually saving all your business contacts and wasting productive time?


BCard mainly aims at easing day-to-day business tasks by letting users smartly and efficiently save, organize and manage contacts and increase their productivity. With BCard, gone are the times when you used to forget or delay on follow-ups of leads and lose out on opportunities. Gone are the days when measuring the productivity of your salesforce was a tedious and tiring task. Why pay a fortune for CRM programs with most features that you don’t even need? Get just what you need at affordable rates with BCard Reader Corporate Model. BCard provides virtual contact CRM, allowing centralized data management of all leads. It lets users classify their leads and the administrator is able to monitor in real time what kind of leads are brought in by respective agents and hence evaluate the efficiency of each team member. It also has a real time chat facility for business communications. This is of great help as you will never lose track of your contacts and your team!

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