About us:

Avysh enables B2B digital commerce for businesses by setting up Digital Shop Fronts to showcase products and sell online. Keeping customer convenience at the heart of its solution, Avysh helps businesses virtualise their physical stores. Through the Digital Shop Front, trade intermediaries (dealers and distributors) can promote their products and engage actively with their customers. Headquartered in Bangalore, Avysh’s solution helps businesses stay relevant in the new digital era, capitalise on a growing market and conduct business on-the-go.

What comes to your mind when you see brands like Swiggy, Ola and Big Basket? Huge, successful companies? It is interesting to note that these brands have grown tremendously in the last five years. Swiggy started in 2014 with 25 restaurants and today they have more than 25,000 restaurants across 13 major cities in India. What worked? The ever-adapting User Experience and convenience provided by these bands through technology. What if you were given a chance to be a part of a company that is projected to grow multi-fold? Apply and find out.

What you’ll love about us:

Great company culture – We at Avysh work as a team to achieve our goals. We take pride in our friendly work- set up and we work towards accommodating everyone’s requirements.

Prepare for the future – We pride ourselves for being forward-looking and anticipating the needs of the industry way in advance. You’ll be a part of the team that will go on to cross important milestones in the industry.

Explore and Research with new technologies: We at Avysh love to explore and research new and upcoming technologies that can improve our customer experience as well as give engineers a new dynamic when it comes to technical skills. 

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