Adla Adla provides you a life time experience in the forests of huge, burly and charismatic hills. It takes you to a place which is a perfect balance of beauty, adventure, thrill and fun. Each minute you spend here gives you unforgettable memories. The ever smiling maize fields welcome you with a happy grin, the strong and steady trees assure you protection; the chirping of birds gently wakes you up, the undulating tough roads make you active, the sight of innocent and cheerful forest species brings a smile on your face, the serene Cauvery River accompanies you all along the safari. In the busy bustling life of the cities, we forget that it is the journey that is beautiful and satisfying, not the destination. Adla Adla endorses the same and reinstates this belief. There’s no end to this journey at Adla Adla. There’s no destination. Blend with the nature and people during the journey and make it colourful. Adla Adla is a 5 acre land located in a beautiful remote location. This location forms a connecting corridor between Biligiriranga Swamy Temple(BRT) Wildlife Sanctuary which is situated to its west and the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary which lies to its north east, with a 60km range of wildlife safari on the bank of Cauvery River. Visit Adla Adla and experience life at its fullest. A team of highly trained experts would make your stay comfortable and safe. Free yourselves of all the shackles of life.

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  • #20, Patelappa Layout, 3 rd Cross, Nagashetty Halli, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore -94