Adore India is a voluntary organization working in the field of motivating youths. We work through educational institutions by establishing chapters of Adore India. The interested students are required to form a group which identifies various activities which can be taken up by them. Its a pan india organization and an intern can work anywhere within the given framework The interns are required to visit the institutions and help in formation of chapters. some of the suggested activities are SUGGESTIVE LIST OF ACTIVITIES AND THEMES Community Activities: Tree Plantation, Cleanliness, Sports development, Scholarship, Library books, Tuition, First Aid,, Waste Recycling, Water, Sanitation, Fund Raising, Old age care, Adult Literacy etc. Self-Development Activities for instilling Duty, responsibility, Respect for elders, Self-sufficiency, Confidence, Humility, Positive Attitude, Punctuality, Simplicity, etc. Soft Activities: Essay, drawing, painting, debates, speech, cultural activities like music, dance, plays, Seminars, Skill Development, computer classes, yoga, meditation, languages, etc. Themes: Economy, Poverty, Development, Terrorism, Physical Disability, Security of the Country, Superstitions, Nationalism, Education, Health, Corruption, pollution, etc.

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