About Aganitha:

Aganitha accelerates drug discovery and development by applying the power of Genomics, AI, Cloud and Devops. 

Discovery and development of drugs today is dramatically different from even a decade ago. Available innovation paths have rapidly expanded from small molecules, natural and recombinant biologicals to targeted cell, gene and advanced therapies that use viral and non-viral nano technologies as delivery vectors. The mechanisms of actions are increasingly diverse with explosive innovation driving them. Most of the research has also progressed from single drugs to platform solutions.

The most important of all has been the emergence of strong cross-disciplinary nature of research and development. Chemistry, Biology, and most Medical applications are being transformed by rapid progress in informatics, data and AI/Machine learning. The current global pandemic of COVID only highlights a problem known for a few years: there’s a large unmet need for rapid development and manufacture of medicines (preventive & cures) for new as well as long established diseases.

At Aganitha, we are partnering with global bio-pharma companies to complement the traditional lab based approaches with in-silico approaches to research and development. We develop and deploy AI, data and cloud powered solutions that efficiently tackle the complexity, scale and richness of modern biopharma R&D domains. We adopt multi-disciplinary approaches blending and translating the latest knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Computing and BioPharma Business.

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