About AideExpert Advisory

AideExpert Advisory is a marketing, technology and business consulting firm which focuses on providing promising startups the necessary tools and strategy support to supercharge their growth. For larger enterprises, AideExpert Advisory provides the technology led business strategy to grow, protect and optimize their businesses and progress towards digital business models. Key insights into India specific consumer needs and localized business models is a core strength of AideExpert Advisory team. The strategy execution is supported by strong process and technology understanding as applied to a broad spectrum of industries. Senior advisors at AideExpert have 25+ years of Indian and global MNC experience each and come with proven execution expertise. The internship programme is focussed towards student learning with the senior advisors in ongoing advisory projects and as part of the market research team. 

Internship Programme at AideExpert Advisory

Internship opportunities are open for MBA students from colleges in and around Pune. To qualify for any internship, students should demonstrate strong curiosity and a keen ability to learn new skills fast. They should be self motivated and be able to ask engaging business questions. Interns who participate and learn as part of consulting projects need to have the confidence and be comfortable to engage with AideExpert customers. Long term and short term internship opportunities are available. 

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