At Alpha AI, we are bridging the gap between industries, academics and consumers by promoting AI research and deploying various projects that we are presently undertaking across industries such as Healthcare, Green Energy, Travel, Space Technology & Legal. 

We feel an innovation can only be made successful with an idea, a leader, a team & a plan. All our projects are simple yet unique in nature. Artificial Intelligence’s adoption in businesses will not only help our clientele to improve their operations but also enable and empower their customers to receive the quality like never before. This shall improve the lives of the people in unexpected ways across the globe. 

Focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) research at its core as well as through strategy and consultation, we aim to solve the key problems by opening the identified cul-de-sacs in the industries such as Healthcare, Green Energy, Travel & Legal. Along with the horizontal for AI research, it presently has four verticals with the projects, namely, IatricCare, LawDiktat, Tripsero, and Carbolash. 

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