The art society initiative of Good Cause, an NGO that believes in nurturing inherent skills within an individual society .

We at ART CULTURE FESTIVAL work closely to promote the talent that may otherwise get lost for the want of funds or platform.


Art culture Festival is art cultural institution a gateway to art, culture, and traditions that provide a multi-dimensional platform. Art digital promotional platform.


One such platform is event listing website called ‘eventsartculturefestival’ that reaches the right audience.


The art institution foundation promotes the year around events happening in and around Delhi-NCR, we help brands connect with their digital audience by making and publishing content they will watch and act on.


The institution website offers an opportunity to publicize the upcoming events on their site. One can list an event on the site and that too free of cost. There are many benefits of associating like no limit on postings, active viewership, Reach, captive audience, branding, increased audience attendance, and traffic.


With new visitors coming in on our institutions website every hour, eventsartculturefestival is the perfect place to target new consumers.

The cultural government registered society institution, website is a vibrant online community of caterers, curators, artists, venues, event planners, social media agencies, stage fabricators who have listed themselves on this wide platform.

Also, the web portal, directory newsletter ,media platform provides the feature to the organizers to post their art culture festivals in its respective category.


Our Statistics are:On-site and social impressions per month: 5,00,000Unique site visitors per month: 28,000 – 35,000

Newsletter subscribers: 17,500+

CTR: 0.6 – 3.9%. Facebook followers: 8,500+Instagram followers: 9,500+


ArtCultureFestival is a gateway to the world of forms and traditions. A first in India, ACF brings together the three pillars of creativity and attempts to network the spaces in the creative ambit, promoting talents and connecting the various dots to complete a larger picture.

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