Activ8Me is an effort to generate Health awareness and help people easily switch to a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just a brand, it’s an initiative. An initiative that aims to help people make the much required Switch towards a Healthier Lifestyle.

Activ8Me is a one of a kind health concierge and endeavours to offer extremely healthy f&b items, all under one roof. An extremely fitness oriented one-stop-shop that boasts of the finest and largest collection of Healthy and ready-to-eat Snacking options.

We follow a multi-dimensional approach in our quest to make healthy snacks accessible to the maximum number of people. 

1- Activ8Me Online Shop: This caters to Pan India Audience. 

2- Activ8Me Vending Machines: These are placed in corporates, gyms, hospitals etc,. with the same assortment of Super Healthy Snacks and Beverages.

3- Activ8Me Mini & Activ8Me Bar Box ( For Gyms ): This is a small setup , perfect for a space like gym/fitness studio. This particular model is based on the idea of cross promotion and revenue sharing. 

4- Country-wide Network of Dieticians and Nutritionists : A Network of Dieticians and Nutritionist spread across the country . This model allows a group of social-preneurs to come together , share resources, knowledge , cross-promote and share revenue. 

You can even go through our entire product range and catalogue by visiting our online shop


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