AstroSoc Corp is an aspiring multi-corporation, aimed at offering solutions and distinctive experiences that cater to a Wide Client/Audience base.

AstroSoc Corp has two primary branches in the form of,

AstroSoc Corp–Outreach Department,

AstroSoc Corp–Applied Sciences Department

AstroSoc India’s Outreach Department provides a fresh experience like never before in the form of Field Trips, Night Camps, Observation Sessions, Micro-Astronomy Tours, Astrophotography, Nature Camps, Hands On Seminars and Workshops. The aforementioned offerings are for special interest groups such as schools and colleges, Corporate Companies, Aspiring Enthusiasts.

AstroSoc India’s Applied Sciences Department deals with Small scale-Low Budget defence solutions, Space Research and Simulation,IOT applications for multiple end to end solutions, Environmental Sustainability, Advanced Manufacturing and much more. Our offerings create a niche segment altogether, thus making us the only aspiring multi-corporation in India to take on a multitude of challenges.

To make this a possibility, we envisioned a unique approach to achieve a new level of skill set and talent management. We offer a unique environment where budding aspirants of physics, astronomy, applied sciences and various such research oriented skill set are trained to perform in a real world scenario. This comes in the form of “Research and Development” Internship opportunities, backed by a Strong and Experienced Technical Advisory Panel and State of the Art facilities, trainees can explore the realm of R&D and make a formidable difference in day to day life. We also want to promote the potential small scale labour and the struggling small scale industries in outsourcing our requirements be it hardware requirements, product design and much more.

To achieve this we strategically identified a unique set of end goals which can drastically uplift the manufacturing sector in India by encouraging skill development in various aspects thus directly providing employment and business opportunities.

We hope to create an Astronomical Impact and support “Make In India”.

Contact Details

  • www.astrosoc.in
  • AstroSoc Corp Development Center, Plot no-120, Dhara Enclave, Yapral, Sainikpuri.