Young and chilled out. Six years into advertising “bread n butter” has few of the most well known clients like Panasonic, Pizza Hut, Orient Tiles and many more of the likes using and lauding our work. But that’s not what defines us. Deep down every one of us is a college dropout who has the raging need to solve an unsolved problem Every single one of us works very hard to accomplish stuff that might be done by 2-3 people in another company. Having perspective is the key for us. We are solving a real pain point under “Butterly Yours”, a new kid on the block. In this over communicated world consumer notices 1-2-1 marketing better. We are constantly innovating & developing some cutting edge products which keeps us alive and there is never a dull moment in our company. Nope. Not by the book. Here, whacky is welcome. You can try anything. And if it doesn’t work...try again! Here we encourage unbridled thinking with no fear of failure. Think you are up for handling a big project? Get it, complete it, and get lauded for it. Everyone is a mentor here; open, ready to listen and help you achieve.

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