DaanUtsav, earlier called Joy of Giving Week (JGW), is India’s very own festival of giving. It aims to spread love, joy and happiness among those who are lesser fortunate than us, and for each one of us to experience the joy in giving. It is like our own Diwali or Id, with a key feature that it celebrates “giving”. People celebrate this festival in various ways. Some people donate money, some their time, some materials, and some just pure love. DaanUtsav is celebrated for a week starting Gandhi Jayanti (Oct 2-8) every year, and was launched in 2009.

From celebrities and CEOs, to auto drivers and maids, school and college students to village communities, millions of people participate in the festival ever year in various ways- from organizing large fundraisers that raise lacs and crores, to reading out stories to children, making and distributing sandwiches on the street, to organizing donation, collection and volunteering drives, the festival sees participation from hundreds of corporates, schools, colleges, NGOs, apartments, villages and community groups across India.

DaanUtsav is a festival, much like Diwali, Id or Christmas- but not linked to any religion. It is not an NGO or organization, and is not owned or controlled by anyone. A group of 100+ volunteers and champions across India promote the festival and millions participate! While it raises crores of rupees and millions of volunteer hours, what matters is the number of people whose hearts were touched, and who personally experienced the true joy there is in giving.

DaanUtsav 2015 will be celebrated from October 2-8, 2015 across India.

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