We’re Big Data Consulting Partners Headquartered at Green Park – Reading, UK .

We help clients solve business challenges with BigData/AI/ML & Analytics. Our Data Scientists & consultants provide expert strategic advisory services and anywhere in the UK, Europe & rest of the world and help you deliver projects.

Our Services

Big Data

Big Data strategic advice: strategic roadmap to exploit large, diverse, fast-moving data to improve business performance through real-time insights that improved business decision making and better predict outcomes.

Big Data consulting: assess your big data readiness, design & architect, and Implement Big Data platform, that lets you see a big picture and a predictable future.

Big data analytics: our proven track record in delivering analytics solutions help companies experience process data at hyper speed, deliver rapid ROI and exceptional results faster than expected.

Big data managed services: seamlessly manage your deployments 24/7, support platforms & applications, and manage clusters.

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