Doctor Around You is founded by alums of IIT BHU and IIT Kanpur with the aim to solve the patient-doctor interaction.

Our mission is to address and solve the most tedious and time-consuming process of booking an appointment with a doctor. In this age of automation, we stand in queues investing so much time and effort just to consult an expert. The patient who is already in pain has to book the appointment only to know that he/she has to wait in order to meet the doctor. Thus, at DoctorsAroundYou we are automating this entire process.

 We aim to provide an online platform that helps you find top-notch doctors near you and allow you to book an appointment at the same time. Our partner doctors specialize in various fields and are known for providing the best medical assistance to their patients. With this aim in mind, we have the vision to provide accessible and reliable medical care to all our users at a much lower cost and effort

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