DRAAGU is a tech start-up disrupting the image industry. How is it that everybody shoots great pictures with their smartphones but nobody sells them? This is what we’re here to solve.

Using Artificial Intelligence, our mobile App analyses the image roll and alerts users when they can sell an image they’ve shot on their smartphone. Our clients retrieve exclusive, unpublished, images directly from people’s smartphones to create their own, on-demand, image stocks.

Our team is International, made of top level engineers, pro photographer, A.I experts, Developers and Growth hackers. We were selected by NUMA, Top European start-up top accelerator, awarded by TechCrunch, and selected for Google for Entrepreneurs A.I program.

Key milestones:

App launched in June 2017

already 12 Million images available from 50 countries (50M end of 2018)

50K. downloads with limited marketing with 40% engagement

Each user give us access to 300 photos: 25 times more than our competitors!

Closed a Seed Round of 400K€ in Jan.18 and onboarded 4 new people

Internships by Draagu Pictures S.L.

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