EduCARE India, is a self-sustainable autonomous sustainable development and public welfare NGO with registered No. 175/2017/ex-1430/2004-05 in India. It is committed to the cause of global good and trying to make a difference with the following vision, mission, goals, and values. 

EduCARE envisions a world where all people have the opportunity and capacity to direct social, environmental, and economic resources toward sustainable outcomes that improve lives and communities. 

EduCARE’s mission is to develop and administer effective programs that have at their core the goals of spreading knowledge and awareness, imparting skills, creating opportunities and capacity building among individuals, families and community groups leading to regenerative sustainable development;

Develop and implement creative community-based strategies to enhance pathways for social justice, public health, economic empowerment, intellectual freedom, and ecological consciousness among individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their rationalized Life Dreams.

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