Ekagga Technology, is a technology & services company from India, customizing features and enhance security on Linux / Android OS with improved user experience and also create user-friendly mobile applications.

Ekagga aims to provide a true new innovation and methodology to enable limited capability devices and limited capability people to achieve more. Our simple and innovative apps are helping people to reduce cost and improve their knowledge.

Research is our core, we go extra miles to innovate. We are constantly investing in Internet of Things (IoT) to change the way we operate in our life.

As a group, we concentrate on a very basic idea with minute details and refine implementation to help an individual for daily life. Our continuous effort is to be open, independent, and transparent in everything we do. We work as a team and we do things from our hearts. Our customer and team input are core to our daily life and we can’t operate without these entities. We listen, and we take feedback from all.

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