Before we started our company, we asked well over 100 hiring managers in the tech space what their primary concerns when using recruitment firms was. More often than not, we heard the same thing: they were having trouble finding good talent quickly.

So, in 2010, we set out to provide a recruitment experience that put this at the heart of everything we do. Fast forward to today, and we’re experiencing year-on-year growth with an expanding and loyal customer base.

Recruiting in the tech space is not easy. There’s a lot of competition for talent and in order to stand out, you need experienced recruiters that understand this space and reach passive candidates before they’re on the market. what you do broken industry, and we’re striving to make our experience more effective and more personal. That’s why with Elliot, you will always have a skilled director leading your recruitment process.

It’s our experience and expertise of technology recruitment that makes working with us satisfyingly uncomplicated.

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