We at Entertainment Nine with years of experience in the music industry right there! And we're backed by the finest and the most amazing DJs from across the country. 

Courtesy decades of working in this industry while making our way to the top, we discovered some pain points that restaurant & pub owners faced. They're great with their food, their service and with running the place, but what about the added pressure of keeping guests entertained? That's where Entertainment Nine steps in. We aim to create nothing short of an experience for your guests. 

For starters, we begin with a thorough recce of your venue. We go on to design & install the most suitable sound system for your space. Having done this, we create music that will bring your venue to life. And from our massive pool of talented DJs, we assign the most suited to ensure your music & sound needs are met! The cherry on the cake, you may ask? We also program artists & take care of all production aspects!

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