Evon Ventures is the fruit of a three generation entrepreneurial venture started by Late Venkat Chalamaiah Sriram at the beginning of the 20th century as a Karnataka based distributor of cycles. After establishing itself in the region, the company expanded its operations to other parts of India in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Evon Ventures is a registered organization to capitalize the opportunities that the group envisages that exist in the market as distributor and manufacturer for several products & leveraging other Geo markets in different industries focusing mainly on Real Estate, Financial services ,Retail & Manufacturing.

The company proposes to manages assets across several sectors, including Retail Business, Financial services, Infrastructure, Real estate and capital Markets..

Through its Principal Investments arm, Evon Ventures is establishing a strong investment track-record, deploying capital in sectors that display strong fundamentals and that have been prioritized by governments . These opportunities are now being offered to third-party investors through a private equity platform.

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