Feliz Consultancy LLP is a company formed in 2014 by professionals who have an industry experience of more than 45 years put together in various cities of India. Feliz is an Investment Firm, dealing in Indian Stock Market and Mutual Fund investments. 

The thorough research in Stock Market, combined with decades of experience in the industry has resulted in phenomenal returns for its investors in this asset class. We believe in long term investments (minimum 5 years horizon) and are highly influenced by the investment principals of Warren Buffett. To create wealth, starting early in life and doing a long term investment is more important than the amount of investment. 

Feliz believes that integrity and knowledge are the two pillars on which it has built its base in this industry. The fact that it has 5000+ satisfied Investors today is a testimony to its integrity and the professionalism with which it deals with its Investors.

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