About FICM – Federation of Integrated Conflict Management and MCN – The Mediation and Conciliation Network (http://www.mediationhub.org):

A new startup organization in the making, FICM-MCN is founded with a vision to be a global organization dedicated to advancing Creative Dispute Resolution through research, innovation and delivering its benefits in many forms to legal communities, law students, businesses, professionals, governments & communities around the world.

MCN- The Mediation and Conciliation Network, is the conflict management and resolution arm of FICM – started with a vision to build world’s largest cooperative – An ecosystem of dispute management that strengthens and supports ‘The Rule of Law’ through integrated inclusive innovation. We call it the World’s Forum of Mediative Justice.

With an active global collaborative community of 1000+ leaders coming from top businesses corporations, academics, government and non-governmental institutions, law firms, politics and civil society, MCN is driving the new wave of dispute resolution culture – helping corporations, communities and governments with its collective resources of conflict management, dispute resolution and civil justice systems.

MCN is the breeding ground of compelling innovations in the design and implementation of systems for the prevention, de-escalation, control and early resolution of disputes. With members around the world, MCN supports the global promotion, facilitation and development of all forms of dispute management through its network.

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