Find My Bin provides a service of identifying bank card data by BIN.  The company was founded in 2016 by a group of young programmers and has been providing a great service to everyone for free ever since. We are constantly developing and improving it. We hope that we are doing something useful for everyone.

Have you ever wondered which bank this or that payment card belongs to? How can you identify a bank card, knowing only its number? Let's find out.

It won't be a secret that each bank card has its own number which frequently consists of 16 digits although there are variants with 13 and even 19 ones.

What does this mysterious number mean?

Let's start with the first digit which tells which payment system the card is affiliated with:

- 3 - American Express;
- 4 - VISA;
- 5 - MasterCard;

Next five figures define bank, status and card type:

- Classic;
- Gold;
- Platinum.

Then comes the personal number of the bank client, that is, the number of the card under which a particular account is registered.

But back to the topic of the article - how to determine the bank by the card number?

Determine whether a card belongs to a bank by its number

To figure out what bank the card was issued, we need to use the number BIN - Bank Identification Number. This number is the first 6 digits of the card number - the first one, which identifies the payment system, and the next five.


Our program is designed for a long period, because we want to create a pool of people - PHP programmers. After all, at any time we may need to expand the team, or someone may leave. We hope at Lletsintern to find responsible and decent employees who will build our Find My Bin project together with us. We have heard that in India, there are a lot of good programmers who would like to work for a foreign company. We hope the rumors are true.

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