When we travel, we get to choose our own experience. Some choose to watch the world from the outside, as a voyeur, never really taking part. And then, there’s another type of traveler — the kind who seeks to embrace the world and live a truly authentic experience. We created GLYD around one very simple idea — if you want to really experience another place, the best way to do it is with someone who lives there. GLYD helps connect you with local travel guides (GLYDrs) who will create curated local itineraries for you based on your personal interests. And when you arrive, they will be there to meet you and lead the way. It’s like having the most interesting friends in every city, all around the world. If you’re the kind of traveler who always loves to seek out the best places to eat, the most exciting places to go, the “secret spots,” then GLYD can help you find them. So, you can feel at home when you roam.

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