Hedge Group of Companies includes Hedge Equities, Hedge WMS, Hedge Finance, Hedge School of Applied Economics and Hedge Ohari.

Hedge Equities is one of the leading financial services provider specialized in offering a wide range of financial products, tailor made to suit individual needs. Ever since our inception in 2008, we have spanned our presence all over India through our meticulous research, high brand awareness, intellectual management and extensive industry knowledge. 

Our Vision:

At Hedge Equities, we endeavor to become a well reputed financial services super-mart catering to the evolving needs and unique requirements of our clients by partnering with them to build, manage and grow their wealth.

Company Website: www.hedgeequities.com; www.hedgefinance.com; www.wmshedge.com; www.schoolofhedge.com, www.hedgeohari.com 

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