Hungerista is an online platform that enables restaurant owners to manage their business easily and increase their customer base. Hungerista provides best discounts and offers in the cafes, restaurants and bars in Delhi-NCR. A dedicated team of developers, marketing executives, salespersons, business developers, creative people help us to deliver the best for the customers. So, next time you think of dining out, check out hungerista. we will help you save your time and money.

Hungerista helps users discover new places to eat out, have fun, make reservations and avail the best discounts and offers in the city. As a part of this internship you will be promoting among your peer group, families, social network about hungerista and what it does. The primary task for you will be providing bookings/leads to hungerista. So, for example, if your friend group or someone you is going out you can suggest them about making a reservation through hungerista which can save amazing amount of their money. On each booking you provide, you will get an incentive of 10% of the total bill. So, the bigger the size of the booking is , the bigger your incentive will be.

Internships by Hungerista Network Private Limited

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