INTENSITY is a brand of water ionizers and water filtration ​systems. Our manufacturing company Huayang Xinli Water Treatment was established in 1996 with office and warehouse situated in Guangdong.

With over 20 years of experience, we have accomplished all areas of water ionizers designs and manufacture. 

Water ionizer technology originated in Japan. Research there pointed to the benefits to human health and other household uses of conditioned ionized water. Building on early technologies, we have focused on improving R&D capabilities and mass production facilities.

We focus on innovation and plan to introduce new products every year. Our R&D aims to satisfy customer needs and develop environmentally friendly products. We continue to improve the usefulness and reliability of our products and advance the suitability of alkaline water for human consumption. We believe our duty is to be earth friendly.

We appreciate your opinions and suggestions. Your valued feedback helps us to steadily improve our products and services. You are our most precious resource.

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