Jugaad is the birthplace of low-risk start-ups!

✔ Jugaad is culture

Intelligent innovation through frugality and adaption underpins our essence. 

✔ Jugaad is creative

We are an entrepreneurial community that collaborates to form an ever-advancing portfolio of low-risk startups. We innovate actionable solutions to global challenges through 3 key stages: ideation, implementation, and improvement.

★ Ideation: Strategising solutions to unlock efficiencies

★ Implementation: Collaborating with the 'front-line'​ to put selected ideas into action

★ Improvement: Mitigating weaknesses and expanding strengths

Innovation: Utilising structured frameworks in all three phases of our process allows for the creation of meaningful change in the world at minimal risk

✔ Jugaad is change

We seize the opportunity in adversity, we seek efficiency in the complex, we invent out of necessity. 

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