Justzaap is a next-gen smartphone based solution for enterprises, that brings employee management to  fingertips & helps save up to 50% cost in operations while increasing employee productivity.

We use latest mobile technologies to simplify operations, reduce costs and increase engagement with employees. As a context based intelligent solution, it has customizable modules for daily functions. Key features include: 

- Face ID & location based attendance, time-sheet & leave management 

- Expense management & self-service for employee travel & needs 

- Phone-based door access - centralized access across global locations with instant approval. No more forgetting ID cards!

- Front office automation - no need for desktops or notebooks for visitor, courier logs at office. 

Justzaap is a new way to engage & reach out to your employees. For more information, check us out at www.justzaap.com or contact support@justzaap.com!

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