Loofre is a next-generation table reservation platform through which we want to define the experience of

dining in a new way. Through Loofre, we are helping restaurants grow by increasing their footfall. We

enable the diners to discover the perfect table according to their mood, cuisine, budget, ambiance and find

the best restaurants nearby with best offers.

Loofre.in - I Rock is a Platform where we interact with Best Chefs, Bloggers – Food / Travel/ Djs/

Singers/ Comedians/ Tattoo Artists/ Percussionists Other Benefits Chef: Recipe’s, Live Interaction Artist:

Singers | Bands | DJ | Percussionist | Comedians - Gig Updates, Live Events, Interaction Bloggers – Food

| Fashion | Travel | Photo Stories – New Interesting Trends & Places Wellness – Tattoo Artist | Makeup


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