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          Namaste Wanderer company is formed by a group of professional adventure enthusiasts. We @namastewanderer Team will take you into the journey into the offbeat destination that you’ve never seen or heard of. Exploring and discovering such virgin destinations in the Nature’s realms is our passion.

           Our soul purpose of Namaste Wanderer is to create and nurture entrepreneurships at the domestic village level along with promoting backpack travel and offbeat tourism. We aim to connect the weekends and vacations of a tech-savvy urban humans with nature acquaintance. 

           Our team customizes the best suitable offbeat/leisure destinations for you, with the comfort and cuisine you love. Our team ensures the best tailor made outing within the provided time-frame. We are equipped with the love and talent of experienced leaders along with the safety requisites which gonna make your journey safe and memorable.

       However planning and organising an adventure event is not a child’s game, it requires efforts, a proper administration and logistics followed with trained and reliable manpower. Our team give their best to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone is back home safely. Cheers to all our cooperative participants.

               Namaste Wanderer is a startup entity. Which mainly focus on systematized group tours, lead by our trained representative. Our USP is mainly focused on 

1) Themed group tours by age.  

2) Well planned and guided Backpacking tours 

3) Travelers experiencing a niche and local aroma of destinations.

4) Pocket friendly travel for the economic sectors

5) Itineraries customized to perfection with the themes, age group and destinations.

6) Promoting local home-stays and authentic regional cuisines.

7) Enthusiastic guides which enhance journeys and add a charm to it

8) Exploring offbeat destinations, harnessing sustainable tourism, promoting entrepreneurship at local level.

9) We consider our travelers as 'Wanderers'​ and love to greet them with 'Namaste'​ with complete Indian hospitality 

10) We are a small company, our motto is transparency, reliability, less profit margins and a personal human touch to our event excursions 

We believe Success lies in Satisfaction, which is achieved only when our fellow travelers continue their journeys with us. 

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