Northern Arc Capital Limited (Formerly known as IFMR Capital Limited) is a Non-Banking Finance Company that provides access to debt for underbanked individuals and businesses in India. Through a combination of our capital, products and partnerships, we have created a platform that connects millions of borrowers to mainstream debt investors. We follow a focused approach of underwriting the credit we best understand. 

Backed by Dvara Trust, Eight Roads Ventures, Leapfrog Investments and Standard Chartered PE, we lend, guarantee, co-invest in our structured-debt products, and we engage in placing debt for our clients. Our pan-India debt portfolio is diversified across 29 states and 540 districts of the country.

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  • http://northernarc.com
  • 10th Floor-Phase 1 | IIT-Madras Research Park | Kanagam Village, Taramani | Chennai 600113 | India